Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekly challenges reborn?

Hey ya'll, I started a blog for GPG artists a while back that (aside from one long dry spell) has been somewhat successful in terms of participation. One of the things that seems to inspire more contributions is a series of weekly challenges we've been putting to ourselves. I know we did that for a while and it seemed to go well but I think the random topic generator was a bit off putting sometimes. So I've been suggesting much simpler topics, usually vague, just to get things rolling. I think the Flight comics have the right idea. ie: Make a story that incorporates flight somewhere in the image or narrative. You get the idea.

So I'm thinking every Wednesday I'll post the same challenges I've been posting over at Unleaded here on Skuntch. Hell maybe we could even have a friendly vs contest like fist-a-cuffs? It might be cool to try and get the ArenaNet guys in on it too? Just some thoughts.

The latest challenge?

Frank Herbert's Dune.

If you'd like to see what we've been up to over here.

Not terribly impressive but we're having fun:)

Anyway feel free to participate or not. Just thought you might get inspired to do something. I'll put up another topic on Wednesday.


angi said...

Sounds tasty...

Rayford said...

Right-o! I'm working on mine tonight. I actually issue new challenges every Wednesday so the 12th will be a new one. I just throw them out as catalysts if anyone wants to play. No time frames - just fun:)