Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I think I may have tried too hard on the 'story' and ended up a little cliche. It was worth a little more time to play around with it, but I'm moving on to some others... thought I'd post it though. I should probably have gone with a less goofy looking bird-head. Maybe even -- god forbid -- have used reference ;)


Rayford said...

Hey cool Mike! I definitely like the additions.

Cole said...

Hey- this got WAY better the second time around. She sorta had the fly swatter limbs thing going on before that this guy talks about:
(awesome theory n stuff)

the changes you made gave all her strangely positioned limbs, a really nice purpose.

KUdoZ :P

thatmikeguy said...

Thanks guys -- appreciate the feedback. I wasn't necessarily feeling it, so it's good to hear someone thinks it helped.

Thanks for the link cole... I'll check it out.