Monday, July 30, 2007

Yoda meat!

1hr 30min

New challenge... YODA MEAT!

Been pretty quiet 'round here lately... looks like it's time to start a new challenge. This week's topic has been picked by a 4 year old.

From our creative director's child...

'We were sitting at the table having dinner last night when my 4 year old said, “We should have Yoda meat some time.” After I was done laughing (and explaining the limitations of the meat department at Albertsons), I was thinking that might make a good challenge… assuming Lucas doesn’t sue us or something. It’s just a thought. I wanted to share that golden memory with you anyway.'

Hence the name of this week's challenge:


Friday, July 13, 2007

Another Sketchbook Down

Hey all! So I finished up my latest sketchbook last night - the one I started back in December. I thought I'd pull a few out that I liked and that have not been posted - and post them! :P

I also want to send a thanks out to all of you! Because of this wonderful group of friends and Sketch Lunch, I am once again keeping and completing sketch books!

Thanks for the inspiration!