Sunday, March 30, 2008

Childhood Hall of Fame

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Cole said...

Nice dude- Its cool to see you color this in. I have some comments about some weight distribution:

The top is the original, and the bottom two I moved the foot under his torso a bit more, and the diff between the bottom two is the torso is straight in one, and angled in the other. I understand your going for dynamic pose, but because you cant see enough of the profile of his front foot, you cant tell if its firmly planted or not, and I think thats a huge factor in his current pose, because if it is firmly planted, than he looks like he`s about to topple over, as apposed to spring into some super sonic jump :P

Also for presentation sake, you should try and see if you can get rid of those original lines a bit. Its just that it looks sorta rough to see real world, and computer mediums mixed together.

Lookin bad ass though man, you should post the sculpt that came outa this :)

thatmikeguy said...

You doing a series of the childhood hall of fame? That sounds fun. Title sounds like you might have more. I'd love to see the sculpt too.

Dave Kang said...

The sculpt looks ill!! You guys have to see it!