Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Large Post

Hey all! I have been working on some fun stuff during the past week. First image is a speed-paint I did yesterday. There is roughly 45-60 minutes into it. You can see the thumbnail I worked up in the lower right, very rough, really no aim. I thought it came out alright for a quicky though...
This next set of image is for a music project that my friend Neil from Yo! Flaco is starting up called The Littleague. It's basically good hip hop music for kids utilizing the talents of local MC's to bring to life these cartoon kids (a la The Gorillaz). You can listen to some of the songs here;

Lastly, a drawing I did at Skuntch Monday for my cousin's tattoo.

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Rayford said...

damn jim! that painting is awesome! nice atmosphere. great stuff!