Monday, April 16, 2007

Comic pin-up

This is something my buddy John Cboins illustrated (and I colored) for the upcoming TPB release of the compiled "Common Foe" comics from Image/Desperado... not sure when it comes out.


JimiFly said...


Ray said...

Your work looks great on this Mike. Nice and rich colors. My only crit on your end of things would be to cool down the grey in the German soldiers to differentiate them a little more from the Yanks.

I love your friends drawing style too. However he leaves out some very important details in his costuming such as rank and unit insignias etc... That's all:)

Cole said...

aaaaaand new desktop= :P

I really dig what the frame is doing in this one, plus the demons are a really cool loose style that I`m not used to seeing you do-