Sunday, January 23, 2011

TESV: Skyrim: Concept Art - Time Lapse Painting

Hi everyone! Here's some new stuff to show! This is an example of a paint-over, painted by yours truly. A paint-over is the process of taking a screen-shot from the game and painting directly on top of it to visualize how to improve a scene. It's a bit of the reverse of traditional concept art but it falls square within the job description and it happens more than you might think. The next time you're cruising around the different concept art sites, keep in mind that many of the pieces your seeing are not necessarily 'from scratch' but are collaborative pieces done with level designers and character artists to support the end product. It's a bit of different beast than illustration. 

I recorded this back around Christmas 2009 using Camtasia and painting in Photoshop. I'd frequently stop and start the recording to make the clips more manageable in the editor so you may see a couple of dramatic jumps where I forgot to hit the record button:)


Q.Frost said...

Excellent! New(-ish) material!

That was interesting to hear. How long did that take you? Not the video, the actual art. Good to see this site get some activity.

I'm not doing much artwork right now - spending my spare time getting a good modeling sample together for a submission to ND.

Rayford said...

Tanx! I spent about 3 days painting and part of another day editing it all together and compressing it down to a few minutes. I think this version was one made by our video guy Matt Killmon. Good luck on the ND submission! I'll be back out there in a few years:)

Angi said...

Thank you so much for this! it's always exciting to see new processes! A 'must share', if i do say so myself<3