Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More old cartoony stuff... Part 2

Here comes some more from around the same time period around 2007-2008. A few environments plus a chibi-ish character. This could've been a really cool game but alas it wasn't in the cards. Such is the fate of many a game project the public rarely sees.


Q.Frost said...

Shades of 'How To Train Your Dragon' - (sorry, I was there during development). I like the aqua glowing runes (for some reason always reminds me of Atlantis). Your graphically strongest in this group I think is the 4th one down. All this art makes me want to draw more often.

Rayford said...

Wow thanks! What were you responsible for on HTTYD? Sounds like fun!

Rayford said...

...and when you gonna post some stuff?

Q.Frost said...

Hey Rayford-

You're welcome. I love art, and know how much time it takes. I was on Monsters Vs. Aliens at the time, HTTYD shared space with us. I'm a long time lighter now turning modeler (love ZBrush).

As for when I'm gonna post - well, being new and somewhat of an outsider here (I WANT to work for NetDevil), I didn't want to presume. But I will, thanks.