Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Floating castle rough paint

[EDIT:3/9/09] The eternal n00b here,
Finally got back around to editing this, and fixing it up (sorry never got ta take you up on that tut, Nate! >< life has been insane! so shall do that next time i can catch a skuntch.) So I went and got some ref and listened to the little voices in my head (& msn)...and we have this.


Stigall said...

Feels very "Harry Potter" to me. Good stuff!

Nate Storm said...

Hey Angie, welcome to the blog.

I like the sky castle a lot, the hinted detail in the sillouhette is nice too. I think the background mountains could use some love. There are some very simple brush tricks you can do to get a nice mountain effect, bob ross style. I'll show you at one of these skuntches