Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Concept art test

Hey all. Some new stuff from last week. I wanna sleep now.


Nate Storm said...

Awesome Rayford- are you allowed to say who these are for?

I think the colored cityscape is very successful, as well as the infantry guy. The alien hybrid has a very "mass effect" feel to me (which isn't necessarily a bad thing).

Rayford said...

These were an art test for Insomniac. I was turned down. I think they're trying to out-Gear-of-War, Gears of War. I shoulda shown them my teeth instead. Probably wouldn't have been happy working on something like that. I'd much rather work on Mass Effect:)

teh_robb said...

hot damn ray your really killing it, love the graphic quality of them, would make it easy to make it 3d. man the ww2 looin soldiers eyes are cool, he has that thousand yard only hit is, it would be fun to see big frog feet and frog hands on the alien, it would really hit the sillouette and vibe of him..inspiring sir

Rayford said...

Thanks Rob!

thatmikeguy said...

These are great Ray :) -- what's your deal? You looking in Seattle or did you already get another gig?

It's great to see epic stuff done with scenes from right down the road. I always get the sense when I'm running around in Left 4 Dead that there are things taken from Seattle.

The character tests have a really solid character to them... I definitely like.

Stigall said...

Beautiful Ray! Hope you are well, buddy!