Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mudbox Skully

HaHA Samson! My turn to hog the blog.

Here's a lunchtime mudbox doodle. I should have looked at some skull reference before i started, but i didn't really plan this one out.

Also, a quick beauty render.


angi said...

lawl! i'm about to link hamza to the skuntch blog and i see the human that was at lunch has turned demonic! (to my pleasant surprise) oh how much can change in so little time!
great texture in the horns, and i believe that if you wished to be more accurate, you'd only need a few small tweaks from reference to complete it.
dig it, dig it gooood.

Nate Storm said...

Alas, this isn't the same one, this skull I did a few days ago. We have yet to see where the new head goes. Glad you like it though!