Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Blue Series

"Say hello to my little friends"




thatmikeguy said...

Damn man... great details. I didn't really get to study these while you were doing them at skuntch. It's great to really get a look at all of the accessories/details/textures.

I'm definitely going to have to do some drawing with the blue pencils again too... great luminous feel.

angi said...

these guys always remind me of the photos in this book of mine.."fruits"?...it's a buncha the harajuku kids, but it's mainly the poses that remind me, since your clothing and design go to 11 amps of awesome.

Dave Kang said...

Thanx Mike! I'm definitely paying a lot more attention to their clothing style than their pose or anything else. I've tried it with red and green but it's just not the same.

Angi, you have that book too? Awesome!! I've bought it back in Toronto and using it regularly since. Crazy Japanese with tons of crazy styles~great book!!

Rayford said...

Tight! I really dig the siphon headed guy with the scythe. Great work Dave!

Dave Kang said...

Thanx a bunch, Ray. I'm hoping to have this all blue pencil drawing portfolio website sometime end of this year. More coming!!