Monday, January 14, 2008

Bristol Madness

Here's my latest sketchbook page. I admit i'm inspired after seeing Wes Burt's sketch pages, and i'm trying to assimilate a few of his techniques. The things i'm trying to keep in mind are:

-push the values as far as i can with my pencil

-use bristol and F lead

-compose the sketchbook page as a whole

-Make linework less apparent and use value to indicate shapes


Cole said...

farking nice

DaveK said...

Looking six times better already.
You've definitely learned something great here, Storm!

Stigall said...

I love the dudes 'strap-hat.' Looking lovely, Nate!

Angi said...

great designs all around ^^ and i'm gettn' funny story ideas as to why they are hanging around eachother...*eg*