Saturday, October 13, 2007

Lizard Hat

More cintique fun. The other day I started doodling and ended up with a guy wearing a helmet with a lizard adorned on top. The idea made me laugh so I decided to use it as a basis for some more digital painting practice. I'm not sure if I like the black and white version or the color version more right now.


Rayford said...

Gah! Good thing that critter is facing the other way around. Nothing like a demon kangaroo rat humping your face in the morning. Cool stuff. It's great to see you painting more.

Stigall said...

Agree... very disturbing, Nate... I Love It!

Cole said...

SWWWEEET, havent checked out the ol blogspot in a while and its good to see you cracken on some stuff there Nate-

for some reason this reminds me of a reverse face hugger, except the egg implanting organ is, well, skull puncture-ing-ly explict :P

I def, like the color version. the skin tones are kick ass, only crit that would make it shine WAY more than the B&W version, is maybe some textural elements, like faint blue veins, liver spots, birthmarks, and maybe some dry-ish flakey skin spots.