Saturday, January 13, 2007

Couple o' doodles

Here are a few things i was toying around with.

Today has been interesting so far... I woke up at 5:45 so i could be up and ready to go do community service at 7:00. I get all ready to go, and because it's so cold my car won't start at all. I call a cab, they don't show up. I call them an hour later and they say they are still trying to get someone for me. here I am, about an hour after that and still no cab. I may give up on community service today, but at least I got some painting in.

Somehow both of these ended up crazy and colorful.

Mouse with a cow udder, as per the skuntch conversation the other day...

Demon with a drill. I intended to render it more, but I went nuts with gradients and layer effects instead and am reasonably happy with the results. (moved to following post)


We are Dudes Galore... said...

gah! that is just disturbing!

Cole said...

this is awesome man!!, I`m really jealous of how awesome and easily it seems like you come up with your subject matter. you GOTTA take a stab at painting MG-burns,

G-licious said...

These are hot-diggity Nate, the colors come together really well.